Spooky Autumn Getaways Pt.1

Looking for a spooky getaway for this October? Look no further than one of these three U.S. hotels!


 Hotel del Coronado 

Located on gorgeous California beachfront and once known as one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, Hotel del Coronado also has a chilling history. Opening it’s doors in 1888, the hotel was a hot destination for presidents, royalty, and movie stars. However, there is one guest at the hotel that supposedly never checked out – a young 24 year old woman by the name of Kate Morgan. Kate checked into the property in 1892, telling the staff that she was meeting her brother, who was a doctor. There is speculation that she was actually waiting for her husband or lover, who after 5 days, never showed. On November 29th, Kate was found on the exterior stairs of the hotel leading to the beach, deceased from a gunshot wound to the head. Some say suicide, some say foul play, although it seems no one will ever know. Today, if you want to maximize your experience at the hotel, request room 3327, the room that Kate stayed in and is frequently spotted.


The Crescent Hotel and Spa

This hotel, located in the rolling green hills of Eureka Springs, AR, will send a shiver up your spine just at first glance. If the looming pillars and stately architecture don’t put you slightly on edge, once you discover the history of this historic hotel, you may not sleep. The Crescent has a fairly mild history until it fell into the hands of a Mr. Norman Baker in the early 1900’s. This self-proclaimed medical expert had made the claim that he could cure cancer, and had made a small fortune selling his Magic Elixir (which, according to researchers, was made up of watermelon seed, brown corn silk, alcohol, and carbolic acid) and treating patients. Mr. Baker had just been run out of his home state of Iowa after it was discovered he swindling cancer patients and their families. He moved his practice to the Ozark Mountains, where he had been scarcely heard of, to continue his “healing” business at what is now the Crescent Hotel. There are tragic tales of torture at what was his self-made hospital, where people would come from all over the Ozarks with the false hope of healing. If you are wanting a truly scary experience, request rooms 424, 202, or the room with the most frequent sightings, room 218.


Hotel Queen Mary

This unique opportunity to stay on a historic ship-turned-hotel only accentuates it’s deathly past. Once a luxury cruise liner, the ship also served in World War II, and was finally put to rest in 1967 in the port in Long Beach, CA. Throughout it’s history (starting in 1936), there are 49 known deaths on board, ranging from crew members, seamen, and passengers. Named one of the “Top 10 Haunted Places in America” by Time Magazine, this ship is said to have over 150 known spirits that reside there. From spirits of women and children that play in the 1st and 2nd class swimming pools, to the murder in cabin B340, to the “lady in white”, you never know what you’ll see when you check-in – but odds are you will see something!

Stay tuned for more spooky destinations in next weeks blog post!

1. Hotel del Coronado. c. 1900. Photo by William Henry Jackson

2. Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, circa 1886 via Wikipedia

3. Hotel Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA via Wikipedia




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